A subscription to the award winning JAZZIZ Magazine includes a quarterly print magazine, a monthly “page flip†interactivedigital magazine, daily and weekly updates, 10 CDs, news, events, videos, radio and 25 years of free back issues. Each print edition of JAZZIZ comes with TWO limited edition CDs, called JAZZIZ ON DISC a collection of new, classic and exclusive music ranging from some of the most celebrated artists to new up and coming artists, with a wide range of styles. These bundled collector CDs are each carefully selected and sequenced to reflect today's glimpse of the world of jazz and the music of tomorrow. JAZZIZ ON DISC lets you listen to the music featured in the magazine at home, in the car, at work or on the go. Subscribe now and get the print and digital editions of JAZZIZ Magazine, ten discs, back issues and exclusive online access.

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